Leading SEO

The Challenge

In a hugely competitive field, businesses are going to new lengths to get their name visible to prospective clients.
Companies are now throwing thousands of pounds a week into these programs but rarely see the response rate to justify the substantial spend, with continued changes to Googles algorithm, black hat SEO and multi-site branding it’s becoming increasingly difficult for some marketing brands to offer real solutions that meet real expectations.

The Solution

At R88 Media, we view the marketplace very differently. Our Google certified and degree trained team all have extensive knowledge about the ranking system and more importantly how to influence website positions. We believe that optimisation services should be transparent, SEO platforms should deliver and PPC campaigns should not lose our merchants money. With this in mind our expert team will do their best to educate our clients to the latest techniques with the view of saving you money.

R88 Media have a fantastic range of bespoke solutions for your business. If you’re looking for a website solution or to simply improve on existing products, our comprehensive range of additional services will cover all the standard services required.

Outstanding Optimisation Solutions


Some Interesting General UK Website Statistics Below

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Responsive Mobile Sites Packed With The Latest SEO

Mobile Friendly

R88 Media know how to target your ideal customers, be it on a computer, laptop or the increasingly popular on the move! Our responsive mobile websites physically adapt to fit and suit the device you are using, this ensures ideal viewing for your prospective customers with fast loading, easy to navigate menus, stunning imagery and of course, market leading SEO. Right now mobile websites are big business and according to Googles latest statistics over 45% of online sales are now made on a mobile device.

The Correct Architecture

R88 Media understand how important it is to ensure your name is visible to ideal customers. Our optimisation service goes far beyond tagging and content updating. All of our website services are built on a solid core foundation that will help future proof your business against algorithmic changes over the coming years.

Is your business in a competitive market?

Would you like more valuable customers to visit your site? Or do you simply want to rank higher on Google and other search engines? R88 Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results. Our service is perfectly engineered to attract or promote your business to new audiences or to improve your existing ranking online.

R88 Mapping from £50.00

A Web Map Service (WMS) is a standard protocol for serving geo-referenced map images over the internet that are generated by a map server using data from a GIS database. If your business wants customers to find your outlet or service coverage area you will benefit from having a mapping service such as Google maps.

R88 Media create a mapping plus account that links to your website with bespoke imagery, opening times, business description and much more.

The use of a map will drastically help to boost your position on search engines and it will undoubtedly play an integral part of your marketing program.

R88 Adwords from £30.00pcm

R88 SEM and Google Adwords campaigns are a highly targeted and modified marketing service that will drive your ideal customers to view your site through bespoke, top page advertising.

Google PPC (pay per click) campaigns are a cost effective method for getting your name at the (near) top page, so that potential customers can see, interact and choose you over your competitors. In order to understand the true depth of Google Adwords you require years of dedicated training. At R88 we are Adwords qualified experts, so let us manage your next Google Adwords campaign so that you can see how effective Adwords modifications can drive more of what you want.

Display campaigns from £60.00pcm

Our display adverts are highly targeted adverts or ‘capsule adverts’ that offer your services to searchers online who are looking for something similar.
An example…
If you search ‘gardening supplies’ in a search engine like Google, you will have part of a code registered to your session online with the search term stored in it. Therefore, when you go onto different websites like Facebook, Ebay, AOL, BBC etc, the adverts you see will be tailored to your most recent searches. These ads can also follow you to other sites, if you change to a different site the ad can then appear on the site bar, reminding you and securing a name in the back of your mind. This process is called re-targeting and is a very effective method of getting your name seen by millions of customers, locally and nationally.


Video creation from £300.00

We offer your business a fantastic opportunity to have an outstanding, production quality video created for your website.
We offer a variety of videos, ranging from 30 second videos, to full production quality motion videos and graphics. Did you know having a website video will improve your websites bounce rate and increase viewer sessions by 200% as well as increasing conversions by 60%?
You can view examples of our videos via our YouTube channel.

Website hosting from £14.99pcm

We offer a comprehensive hosting package for your site(s), email(s) and sub-domain(s), allowing you and your business to continue working hard without the stress of high costs and unreliability.

Our chosen servers are highly protected and offer site fraud protection services and our update service will enable your site to keep up-to-date with the latest search engine changes whilst keeping your business competitive online.

Social Media from £19.99pcm

Would you like to radically raise brand awareness for your business, attract new customers and engage a new market?
Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media marketing programs usually centre on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.

R88 Media Solutions works closely with Facebook, Twitter, WooWoo and Google Plus’s social marketing services.
Our services guarantee your business local and national awareness, driving your ideal customer to your website for services.
We carefully select, modify and monitor all of our social media campaigns to ensure your name does not only get seen by the masses but chosen by them.
Social media brand awareness is the next generation of marketing, if you want to grow or even keep your current customer base it’s important to prioritise your social media accordingly.