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Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great and reliable way to communicate with your customers. It is effective in promoting new products or services, increasing sales with special offers and building loyalty and keeping customers updated by sending out a regular newsletter.

Why Email Marketing?

An astounding 187,000 companies across 43 different marketing categories, including SEO, Social, Video Marketing, Sales Enablement, Mobile Analytics, and dozens more exist according to recent research. Names such as Airbnb, Coca Cola, IBM, eBay, Kayak and even Pandora use email marketing at the core of all of their marketing. Because.. If done correctly –  It works. Well

Other Benefits 

Large reach
Your message is delivered
Email Marketing  drives higher website conversions
Email marketing provides higher ROI
Email is an open platform for everyone
Email is the primary method of digital communication
Email will be around forever


R88 Media Newsletters
R88 Media Newsletter Analytics
R88 Media Newsletter Analytics

Why Use R88 Media

R88 Media will create you your very your own email template ready for your successful email marketing campaign. We can even help integrate your CRM / CMS into it. Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before, we’ll do all the work. All we need is some of your great ideas and access to a mailing list | CMS access. R88 Media will schedule newsletters to be sent out any time you want them to be, whether that’s every week, every month or every couple of days.


What Makes Success?

An email relevant to the customers needs
Short subject lines
Bold, quick loading images
Not overloading or spamming customers with too many.
Keep it relevant to your business and customers.
Clear content and the action readers can take
Avoid using certain phrases/words that customers may view as spam.

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