This is our page of FAQ’s to help you understand a little more about our brand and services.

What does ‘R88’ stand for?

R88 Media – Region ’88’ Media, ‘Region 88’ is the geographical territory assigned to Hereford By Google Mapping Services.
R88 Media is an abbreviated name for R88 Media Solutions Limited.
R88 Media Solutions Limited also operate using the names Tuyu & Tuyu Media.

We now cover the whole of the UK with offices in Birmingham and Herefordshire & South Wales.
We at R88 Media work to provide a key role in advertising & marketing services sector, being highly regarded by well-known brands. We help resolve existing issues within marketing programs or create new programs/campaigns to rapidly increase customer visits to sites and shops in the high street.

R88 Media are proud to be part of the highly regarded Google Partners Team. This means we provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge (which Google test us on!!). We also can offer professional, qualified programmes that are signed off by Google. Essentially, Google Partners are their salesforce within the Digital Marketing Industry.

R88 Media are also Squared Online certified, a very highly sought after qualification and very rare within the Digital Marketing industry.
Squared Online is Googles in house 6-month training course which awards a certified qualification upon graduation. Anyone passing this course means they have (not only) displayed huge commitment and devotion but have obtained a true insight into Googles Algorithm, Search Engine Optimisation, Programmatic, Attribution, Data Analysis and much more.
Squared Online is the GOLD standard for Digital Qualifications and ensures that quality, understanding and care are woven into every service. After all, we are representing Google!!

Our sales force and office staff all complete this course prior to working with any live customers. Doing this ensures professionalism, understanding and success!

Does R88 Media Solutions offer its own directory service?
R88 Media does not offer its own Digital Directory Services.

Can I pay over direct debit?
R88 Media offers a monthly direct debit service only for website hosting and SEO packages.

All media solutions purchased with us are subject to two payment methods.

  1. Full payment up front prior to work being carried out via cheque or direct payment.
  2. Monthly direct debit service – For orders over £1099 we offer the following direct debit option; 50 per cent deposit upfront payment and the remaining balance payable equally over 6 months (excluding website hosting)

Will I continue to receive support after the first year with R88 Media Solutions?
Our service agreements cover 12 month periods, We will continue to work with you all the time you are contracted to us.

Websites – Our contracts are annually based, from the date a year later to the inception of your original agreement with us. After this, we will either renew your services for another year or, depending on your service held. Continue to have your agreements run on a rolling month by month basis*

We will continue to update your websites via a basic service providing that you (i) pay your hosting (ii) provide sufficient material for website updates (iii) if you require an update.

How many updates can my website have when in contract with R88 Media?
All of our websites offer a full update service (to a maximum of 5 updates a month, updates over this amount will be charged a small administration service fee (of £5.00 per update).

Does R88 Media offer guarantees?
R88 Media has positioned itself in the media marketplace as an educated and professional service, however, as with marketing /advertising, we can only work to give your business the best possible chance for success. We cannot guarantee that searching customers will choose your business over others but we will optimise your media plans, website and brand name to allow maximum exposure to the best possible audience.

Do I own the rights to my website?
R88 Media will build your website and update your website, we own the right to change, take down and modify as appropriate. R88 Media hold the complete ownership of your website, however, if you wish to take your website away from R88 Media we can offer file copies of content which will be subject to a administration fee of £5 per page. We will be unable to continue to provide service for any website updates and will not be able to aid in setting up a new site with third parties.

Your domain name will be registered under our business name – R88 Media Solutions, however you can request this to be transferred into your own name at anytime through contacting Nominet (fees do apply).

Can I terminate my service with R88 Media?

We hope these circumstances never arise, however, we understand that sometimes situations change.

If you wish to terminate your agreement with us – you will (i) be required to fully pay your total annual service cost agreed at point of sale regardless of the time you wish to cancel, (ii) you will be subject to a £99 administration charge for time spent taking your programs offline which are held with us (iii) if we have set you up third party contracts, you will be bound by their cancellations policy.

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