Marketing Your Business On Facebook.

Facebook is the king of social media and remains the no.1 social media platform globally and believe it or not but in the UK alone there are over 30 million users- no surprise that this figure is still rising! This is the reason why so many businesses have turned to Facebook in hope of a successful social media marketing strategy. However many of us know that social media marketing is becoming increasingly competitive and consequently more difficult than ever, that’s why we want to make sure that you’re using all of Facebook’s tools to your businesses advantage- don’t worry though, you’re more than welcome to thank us later (we like chocolates and flowers…)

First, we’re going to start with the initial set-up of your page, it’s important that you start off on the right foot so that you’re not going back and forth.

Choose eye-catching page images.
Your cover photo and profile photo are the first things that viewers see when they click through to your page. It’s important that these photos are great quality and accurately represent your brand. There’s no point having irrelevant photos because it will confuse viewers, they’ll quickly lose interest, click off your page and never return. Therefore we recommend using your company logo as the profile picture and then a familiar photo from the website as the cover photo. This way viewers might recognise the logo from elsewhere and this familiarity will encourage them to pay your page a visit.

Use descriptive keywords in the ‘about us’ section.
This is your opportunity to sell your business and a good place to let visitors know what you’re about in a nutshell. Make sure to use keywords that are relevant and ones that customers are likely to use in search queries, also don’t forget your website URL!- this will encourage clicks through to your website (winner).

Choosing the appropriate category for your business is important, an inaccurate category choice will undoubtedly have a negative impact on your business’s Facebook presence. If you’re a local business- choose that option- people can then choose to check into your business when they arrive there.

Make the most of what Facebook has to offer.
Pinned posts are awesome! and they’re not used enough. You can choose the most interesting and unique post on your page and pin it that way it’s always at the top. Now we understand that you might wonder about visitors becoming bored of being greeted by the same post every time they click through, now we don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, however, research shows that most people will only visit your page once and then they’ll just follow your updates on their newsfeed. With this in mind it’s crucial that if you choose to pin a post it’s the one that entices viewers to want to keep up-to-date with what you have to say.

Encourage social sharing through the use of Facebook buttons and plug-ins. Your website and Facebook page should undoubtedly be linked and work smoothly together. Ensure that each piece on content on your site has a like/share button next to it or an app can be installed onto your website which can then be linked to your Facebook page and display previews of your previous page posts.

Getting your posts seen.
We’ve learnt that many Facebook users complain (so do we) that their posts are not being seen enough. Sadly, there’s not enough room in users news feeds to show every single post- making competition fierce and results in decreased exposure for organic posts. The second issue is that Facebook’s algorithm is designed to show the most relevant content to its users. Therefore the less popular your posts are then the less likely they are to be seen and vice versa. We’ve handpicked a few of our favourite and most effective strategies that you could use to help your organic posts make their way onto your fans feeds.

  • Use videos- videos receive an organic reach of 8% compared with 5% for text-only statuses.
  • Regularly check your page insights to see what content your audience tends to engage in. Discover which post format achieves the most traction and the topics that your audience seems most interested in.
  • DON’T make posts to promotional- Facebook has recently announced that they will be limiting posts that pushed people to buy a product, enter a competition or that re-used content from other ads.

ENGAGING CONTENT IS KEY!!! Don’t beg people. Just provide them with great posts to read and interact with.

The best time to post and how often should it be done.

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Optimum posting time should now be something that you become too concerned about but if you were wondering…some research has suggested that posting on Thursdays and Fridays may result in increased post engagement and between 1pm-3pm is a good place to start. In terms of how many times you should be posting, we recommend 5-10 per week, this amount is ideal as this way you’re not spamming viewers news feeds or posting so little that they forget about you- maintaining a steady social interaction rate is key.

Paid Facebook ads.
If you’re looking for speedy results and have the budget to spend then Facebook ads are a great choice if you’re looking to extend the reach of your page posts.

  • Page Boosts- increase visibility in users news feeds. Select the post that you want to use and press the boost button, then watch as the post reaches lots more users. It’s a quick and easy way to extend the reach of your posts.
  • Promoted Posts- this is the option that we would recommend! You’ll get more targeting and budgeting options. Only promote posts that will help you meet a specific goal, like getting traffic to your website or selling a product.

There are also lots of other Facebook ad options but these two are our favourite as they’re simple and effective.

That’s a wrap! We hope that this has helped you to understand the way Facebook works regarding your business page. If you’re looking for a structured social media strategy we can help, visit us at and let our experts help you.