2017 & 2018 Trends That You Should Keep An Eye On.

A strong marketing strategy is absolutely vital to ensure that you’re competing in the marketing place (not that we haven’t mentioned this before…). We think that 2017/18 should be YOUR best year yet that’s why we’ve compiled all the trends that we think you should definitely be keeping a close eye on.

#1 Mobile Video

We’re sure you’ve had a look at your Facebook feed recently, if so, you’ll have noticed that around 95% of it is video (that’s HUGE). & unbelievably mobile views grew six times faster than desktop views in 2015, crazily for the first time ever mobile video views exceeded desktop views. We now live in an age of mobile video, and it’s time we embraced it.

#2 Live-streaming

Live-streaming continues to push the boundaries in the online world and last year we saw Instagram’s big step of integrating a live-stream option into it’s stories feature. Although this form of technology is still relatively new (there’s room for improvement) brace yourselves because we’re going to be seeing a lot more live broadcasts in 2017.

#3 Interactive Content

Interactive content tends to be the more favourable choice these days. It’s important that you’re always thinking of ways to get readers to actively participate instead of passively consume, as a potential/ existing customer it’s great to feel that sense of involvement. Such content can include assessments, polls, surveys and contests- we think contests are a fab idea and they work as a tempting incentive.

#4 Personalisation

Personalisation means segmenting your content to reach different types of audiences based on their habits, preferences, etc. The most common form is through the use of lists, in a world of content and not enough time, personalisation is a massive win for brands looking to earn the attention of ALL their consumers.

#5 Short-lived Content

Have you ever wondered why people are so obsessed with Snapchat? What’s its appeal?! We know! Content disappears. Snapchat shows the value of disappearing or short-lived content, this is a key attraction for millennials who have an 8 second attention span and has done wonders for the world of social media.

#6 Mobile Strategy

The future is mobile and therefore it should be high on your priority list. The majority of internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices than desktops and if you’re not catering for it then you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. REMEMBER, it’s no longer just about optimising for mobile (that was sooo 2016) it’s now about making sure that piece of content gets integrated with a users lifestyle on the go.

#7 Social Media “Buy” Buttons

It’s hard to comprehend that we’re now moving into an age where purchasing can take place on social media. If a user is on a social platform it seems like effort if they have to leave in order to buy something that’s where the social “buy” buttons come in and turns the social media into a social shopping experience.

#8 Purpose Driven Marketing

Extend your presence and resonate with the hearts of consumers by giving a feel-good element. Brands that partner with non-profit charities or set-up internal programs that “give back” in some way have a much stronger presence.