Analytics Reporting

When you’re using a variety of mediums to attract lead forms, it is important to keep a close eye on things to check that they’re all performing well together. We think that this is vital in making sure our customers are outperforming the marketplace. That’s why we offer this service free of charge.

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Base Tracking

Keyword Triggered Hits
Website Visits
Page Visits


Geo Tracking

Geo Tracking
Demographic Trends
Email Lead Logging


Source Tracking

Attribution Modelling
Big Data Analysis
Call Lead Logging


Google Tracking

Google Analytics Premium
DoubleClick Tracking
Google Ads Tracking


Important Metrics

We can provide analytics to you whenever they are requested and we use them to make amendments to your online campaigns, to make sure that they are performing to the highest of standards. For example, how many times your ad has been seen and its click-through rate, time spent on your site, what triggered your advert and what that visitor did after.


Successful Services

Do you have time and/or patience to sift through ‘fluffy websites’ that deliver their message in a round-about, confusing way? The likelihood is that you don’t and (given you have 3 seconds to gain and retain interest on a website) that you could probably share many poor experiences of websites that do this. R88 Media ensure we are delivering your businesses message in a clear, effective and creative way.

Engaging Reports

The R88Media Group use the latest technology to record various analytical sources and combine them into one digestible, engaging report. The report will track events, calls, interactions, demographics, SERPS data and much more. 


Attribution Modelling

Advertising is essential to the success of a brand, it’s how people find you, use you and recommend your name above others. At R88 Media we want to be able to tell you ‘how’ your customers are coming to you, from where and why. Attribution works to ‘attribute a value’ to each advertising medium you use.

Lead Tracking

With the use of our CTS system, we are able to track which leads are coming from your adverts. We do this by inserting your business telephone into the adverts and then monitoring each call as they come in by the time of day and month. It doesn’t stop there, we are even able to provide you with the location of each caller, how they retrieved your number and even take a recording of the call for you. 

Event Tracking

Event tracking is a useful feature that allows you to record interactions with elements of your website which aren’t tracked as standard within Google Analytics. An example would email submissions, form completions, page navigations & sections expanded and much more.


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