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Big data analytics is the process of examining large and varied data sets, i.e. big data — To uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information that can help organisations make more informed business decisions.

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R88Media are expert Data Analysts. Our powerful software and training allow our team to dive deep into multiple insights and pull out trends, customer preferences and other hugely valuable insights. If you need your business to save money on wasted advertising, focus on delivering a powerful, targeted solution and find whats really earning its money – Our Big Data service is ideal.
Below outlines how we achieve this and why you should consider using Webdrex for Big Data Analysis. 

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On a broad scale, data analytics technologies like Google Analytics Premium provide a means of analysing data sets and drawing conclusions about them to help organisations make informed business decisions. It allows queries to be answered with real evidence. Big data analytics is a form of advanced analytics, which involves complex applications with elements such as predictive models, statistical algorithms and what-if analysis powered by high-performance analytics systems.



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Big data analytics applications enable data analysers, predictive modellers, statisticians and other analytics professionals to analyse growing volumes of structured transaction data, plus other forms of data that are often left untapped by conventional business intelligence and analytics programmes. That encompasses a mix of semi-structured and unstructured data, for example, internet data, web server logs, social media content, text from customer emails and survey responses, mobile-phone call detail records and machine data captured by sensors connected to the internet of things.





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WebDrex | Website Designers, Design & Digital Marketing Hereford, Herefordshire, South Wales, West Midlands


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