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Google Adwords (PPC) campaigns are a highly targeted and modified marketing service that will drive your ideal customers to view your site through bespoke, top page advertising. 

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The Balance

The key to Google Adwords success is a balance. That is cost vs reward. Our job is to make the right modifications, inclusion, exclusions and ultimately the right search keywords for you based on background research and some snazzy software. Remember! A poorly created campaign will only make Google money, leaving you with no returns.


Google Partners

You’re absolutely right. You’d be taking a huge gamble with your business’s online reputation. Google’s AdExchange is somewhat complex and to get it right takes a tonne of training. So why waste time with a marketing company who are not at the top of their game? Given Googles, search dominance means over 90% of all online traffic flows through them, it’s incredibly important to use a trusted, professional solution to support your business.



These ads can also follow visitors to other websites. If a visitor were to change to a different site the ad will then appear on the site bar, reminding them and securing a name in the back of their minds. This process is called re-targeting and is a very effective method of getting your name seen by millions of customers, locally and nationally.



Our experts are able to build you a wonderful, complex campaign quickly and effectively, using the keywords that we have specifically chosen inline with your business needs. For more information on this service, please reach out to a member of our team.

In Brief

PPC campaigns are a fast, cost-effective method for getting your name onto the first page of search engines under a specific batch of keywords. 


Potential customers can see, interact, and choose you over competitors when they search for keywords that you have chosen.

Quality Checked

Each campaign The R88Media Group create is assessed by a qualified, accredited, Google premier champion who deals directly with Google Adwords.

Consider This

Google commands more than 88% of the total search engine market share. Website owners to embark on solid campaigns focused on Google first.

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