Programmatic adverts are highly targeted visual adverts that offer your businesses services to searchers online who are looking for something similar. There are so many different ways to market your business online, it can sometimes be overwhelming, that’s why it’s important to know a bit about each one. Programmatic Display advertising is the automated process of bidding for graphical advertising space on specific websites. Systems (ad exchanges) will find you a space on a website that suits your needs and offer us the opportunity to put your designed advert in that space. It all sounds very complex but happens in .01 of a second.


With programmatic advertising, businesses (like yours) can buy inventory in an automated way and by using data can target audiences with ads that are relevant to their needs and interests.
This practice of automating and optimising the ad buying and selling process, in real time is known as programmatic advertising, and plays a huge and increasing role in the future of online advertising. As consumers habits continue to change, businesses and agencies must adapt. R88 Media Programmatic Display Advertising campaigns are a fantastic showcase tool for brand awareness and specific offers to specific audiences in specific areas.


These ads can also follow them to other sites. If they were to change to a different site, the ad will then appear on the site bar, reminding them and securing a name in the back of their minds. This process is called re-targeting and is a very effective method of getting your name seen by millions of customers, locally and nationally.


If a customer was to search ‘gardening supplies’ in a search engine e.g. Google, they would have a tracking code registered to their session online, with the search term stored in it. Therefore, when they go to another website such as Facebook, Ebay, AOL, BBC etc, the adverts they see will be tailored to their most recent searches.

People are always thinking, shopping and making ‘buyer decisions’ based on what they see. It is hugely beneficial to have a robust, programmatic campaign with Google.

Would you trust an unqualified builder? Risk to high?
You’re absolutely right. You’d be taking a huge gamble with your businesses online reputation. Google’s AdExchange is somewhat complex and to get it right takes a tonne of training. So why waste time with a marketing company who are not at the top of their game?

Given Googles search dominance means over 90% of all online traffic flows through them, it’s incredibly important to use a trusted, professional solution to support your business.

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