Programmatic adverts are highly targeted visual adverts that offer your businesses services to searchers online who are looking for something similar. There are so many different ways to market your business online, it can sometimes be overwhelming, that’s why it’s important to know a bit about each one.

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Our Google Display (Programmatic) Campaigns are effective lead generators and brand building tools which can be shaped to target the masses or a very specific demographic. Below is a little information & considerations highlighting why we should be used for your next campaign.

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Programmatic Display advertising is the automated process of bidding for graphical advertising space on specific websites. Systems (ad exchanges) will find you a space on a website that suits your needs and offers us the opportunity to put your designed advert in that space. It all sounds very complex but happens in .01 of a second.



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It is vital to ensure that your business is working with trusted, endorsed experts. R88Media are certified Google Partners for Search, Display, Shopping Mobile & Video.  Our campaigns are highly tuned and can be client managed, load managed or actively managed depending on your business needs.





With programmatic advertising, businesses (like yours) can buy inventory in an automated way and by using data can target audiences with ads that are relevant to their needs and interests. This practice of automating and optimising the ad buying and selling process, in real-time is known as programmatic advertising.



WebDrex | Website Designers, Design & Digital Marketing Hereford, Herefordshire, South Wales, West Midlands


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