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Lead Tracking

Our Lead Tracking works across all mediums of advertising. We can offer exact source data via reverse Proxy, VOIP incoming calls from all media and even highlight which keyword delivered you the business lead. Which is all neatly provided in an automated daily/ weekly report.

Call Tracking

Our Call Tracking Service logs each physical call sent to your business via our media, from SMS, Google PPC, Website, Social Media, Maps & More. We can send monthly call recordings for each individualised lead & you can listen to it back! 

Keyword Tracking

Our SERPS platform allows for a new way of rank checking. Find your current organic and Paid Ads rank in any location in real-time, instantly.

Basket Saves

If customers visiting your online store don’t complete the checkout process, we can find and remarket your brand to them with incentivized offers. If you want to never lose a sale again, this is a great start! 

Reverse Proxy

Have you ever wanted to know which businesses have visited your website? Now you can. Our Reverse Proxy will package together all known information online regarding each businesses IP (such as departments, specific team members, direct email address, phone numbers and what they did on your site) allowing you to make a warm contact and introduce your services if they haven’t already been in touch.

Demographics Tracking

We offer a fantastic combined report that will pull data from various sources to build a true to life picture of your websites audience, demographics, locations and website pages viewed.

Be All-Knowing

Finding your niche or ideal customers can be a long and painful process. Our lead tracking tools are specifically designed to take all the guesswork away and allow you to alter or focus on specific valuable leads.

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