Managed Services

Our team can help manage all advertising mediums for you, such as Google Adwords, SMS, Programmatic, Social & Video! Allowing your business to focus on successes.

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We Do It All

We want your business to succeed in what you do! That’s why we created a solution that takes all the heat off you to generate client leads on various platforms and simply employ our certified team to do it for you, in a highly effective, thought out and professional way. After all, no one expects every business owner to be a certified professional expert on all mediums of advertising.

Focused On Growth

Our managed service means you can focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that our team is behind the scenes, generating highly valuable leads for you!

All Covered

Our expert team can create, manage, adjust and report successes to you through our managed service. We have the expertise to not only take over management of existing clients campaigns but create completely new ones, focused on one specific goal or general lead building. This allows you to focus on effectively managing leads whilst we generate them from your business.


Certified Professionals

It is vital to ensure that your business is working with trusted, endorsed experts. R88Media are Official Google Partners.

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With flexible solutions to suit all needs, our team is on hand to help your business grow.

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