R88 Media are proud to newly offer a complete optimisation overhaul for clients. Not to be confused with Search Engine Optimisation.

Our complete Digital Media Optimisation solutions cover all existing media, including Google PPC, Programmatic Display, Google Double Click, Attribution Modelling, Mapping, BING PPC, Social Media Campaigns, Social Media Management and Tracking Solutions (Premium Google Analytics, Platform Access for clients, Reporting and Planning). We also provide Website Code Scrubbing, Copyright, Graphics, working Big Data, Email Campaigns, Reputation Analysis, Review Engagements and third-party contract management (such as Yell/ BT listings or other services held elsewhere).


Our services cover all the areas your business needs to flourish. If you’re looking for display brand awareness, more clicks to your site for a service, or to increase online sales. Rest assured our comprehensive optimisation solutions will not only deliver accurate, trackable results but will build a transparent relationship with your business based on trust, professionalism and honesty.
All services we provide are signed off by our certified, qualified team. We are proud Google partners, proud Google Squared graduates and our team are proud to work as a reputable brand name in this industry.
R88 Media’s teams are trained, Google certified professionals. Not commission based advisors who want to ‘flog a deal’. Our teams credentials mean we actually can help you understand the ever-evolving digital landscape. We educate our clients on what to do and how to analyse the data coming in from your marketing, allowing you to identify your ideal customers and how to find more.

R88 Media