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Keyword Ranking is an approximation of your websites position for a particular search term in a search engines’ results page. The lower the rank, the easier your website is to find in search results for that keyword. Search engines may factor personalisation and localisations into their results, which can influence ranking on a search by search basis. It is important to use the correct keywords for your business as search engines will crawl your website for terms related to the search query and only display what it views as relevant to the UE (user experience).
R88 Media are real experts in the marketplace. We understand, see opportunities and are very effective at planning SEO strategies. We ensure the correct keywords are used to maximise customer conversions and always look to improve on successes through testing and monitoring.
All of our Keyword services tie in closely with various campaigns, such as Google Adwords, Google Display, Website Design and Onpage SEO allowing our experts to monitor trends, fads and what’s delivering real value to your business.
For more information on how we can help improve your search ranking, please reach out to our local team.


SERPS is a system we use to track keyword performance. SERPS tracks data for over 2 million keywords and over 20,000 websites daily, and have customers in 93 countries around the world. SERPS offer one of the most powerful platforms to track keywords, enabling local businesses to understand SEO and measure their successes in order to test and prove their strategies.


Many agencies who run SEO Campaigns for businesses seem to be under the illusion that if you want to be successful, you need to be at the top of every page and under every keyword imaginable. This can be very costly to your business and is really an archaic approach. There is little planning, no monitoring and absolutely no proof as to what is working and what is not. The experts at R88 Media can spot a ‘ropey’ SEO or Google Adwords Campaign miles off.
Our system bases keyword implementation off of actual results. One method is using long tail keywords to help deliver accurate results.


An example of this is a customer wants a new Bosch lawnmower Model xyz. They will probably search ‘Bosch lawnmower Model xyz for sale’, not simply ‘lawnmowers for sale’. This example illustrates the longer tail VS the short tail. The longer tail keyword is searched less often and only costs pennies to click, but the customer propensity of completing a purchase is much higher. The short tail keyword is far more popular, will drive traffic and will cost pounds to click. These customers will likely browse and have a significantly lower chance of buying. Likewise, for SEO keyword planning the same applies. Whilst there is no cost associated per keyword or click, it helps to rank your website under keywords you want and keywords that deliver results.

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