Our Terms & Conditions

This is our page full of legal jargon, all here to help protect you.

By using our services, you automatically agreed to the policies laid out therein. If you do not agree with these policies, please contact our support team on support@r88media.com or support@webdrex.co.uk.
We are using an advertising, operational for R88 Media Solutions Ltd, called WEBDREX. We may refer to us under this name or make a reduction or extension in our formal title (an abbreviation) in this document to R88 Media, R88 Media Solutions, R88 Media Solutions UK,  R88 and The R88Media Group. This is to help aid the ‘ flow’ of this document and offer constancy. The legal body referenced in the content of this document, regardless of the term. They all refer to R88 MEDIA SOLUTIONS LTD.

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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

This is our page full of legal jargon, here to help protect you.

By using our services, you automatically agree to the policies laid out therein. If your user does not agree with these policies, please contact R88 Media Solutions Limited’s support team on support@r88media.com


Terms of Use.

    Our Agreements

    For all contracts & agreements signed, accepted or terms accepted electronically, you agree to our terms and conditions below, including our auto-renewal process.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited contracts are annual, based from the start – A 12 month period to the same date a year later.  We opt all our customers in for an auto-renewal service to help ease the workload of our merchants. By signing your original contract or accepting terms electronically (email) you have opted in for this service. This also will renew your contracts held as agreed when originally accepting our terms.
    Auto-renewal service – If you wish to terminate your agreement prior to the renewal or its ‘start’ you will be required to notify us 90 days prior to the anniversary of your original start date.
    If you inform us after this time, you agreed to be subject to the full contracted term, in addition to our outline fee’s below to release and cancel services at the point of termination.

    If you do not wish to opt-in for our auto-renewal service and be bound another annual renewal cycle. Please contact our support team by email support@r88media.com stating the following reference as the message header: Annual Renewal Opt-Out (Followed with your full business name) followed by your message. this is to ensure this request is actioned swiftly.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited take the assumption that if we do not hear from our merchants or they fail to reply to correspondence regarding renewals. We will (i) roll their agreement onto the next year offering the ‘same as last year’ service and (ii) make necessary enhancements we feel will continue/improve your online performance.

    We will accept and allow certain cases for terminations of services with us, however, these will need to fall within specific criteria of significant sickness, death & closure of the business. Please note: Each case will be assessed on a case by case matter which may require evidence. Once we have made a decision of how to progress, this will be final.

    In addition to any termination fee’s & remaining contract fee’s – We also charge a £99+ VAT administration fee for cancellations of service. This fee will cover the additional work created for our team to begin the closure of your website, SEO patches and additional content.  If you wish to move your website away to another provider, please note you will be subject to the above terms.

    Flexing our agreements

    R88Media reserve the right to make, what we deem minor adjusts to our agreements. These adjustments may include monthly fee’s charges for services, adjusting or removing discounts, service inclusions or exclusions providing they do not change the core service provided (such as the websites looks, structure or functionality)

    These terms are accepted and agreed to when progressing any project with us and are fully enforceable.

    Fair Usage Policy 

    Our agreements typically offer an inclusive updates service within the first 12 months. 

    Fair Usage means our obligation, at your request, to make amendments to your Advertisement /service such as wording changes and graphics adjustments subject always to our right to refuse to make such amendments where the extent or frequency of amendments is deemed by us in our sole discretion to be excessive or may detrimentally affect other customers (for example where it would require disproportionate allocation of resources to complete the amendments as requested by you).

    Our updates policy is designed for textorial updates, images and the odd page addition (providing content is fully supplied). It does not cover requests to add multiple pages, significant website alterations or any SEO work. 
    Past 12 Months –  We will endeavour to offer website updates (such as adding content, images) all time you use our services (host your website with us) However this service is a supportive measure, not contracted. If we feel the level of updates sent is in excess, we have the absolute right of refusal as above and may suggest looking at a paid-for updates service. 
    Website Training 

    Our agreements typically offer an inclusive website alterations training service for the first few months of a new client or service. This service is provided by the supply of training materials (such as PDF’s, video guides or other, distance materials) it does not include physical, face to face or video link training sessions, nor the expectation for them. Our team may offer such services but do so as a supportive measure and are not bound to these in any way.

    Upon inquiring for our services, customers are provided with a free meeting as the first point of contact by way of introducing ourselves and services. Once we have identified clients needs and progressed to providing services, meetings are then only inclusive when customers would like to discuss new business. We do not offer face to face meetings as an on-demand service to discuss accounts or go through services already held. If you would like to arrange an additional meeting, it will be solely at the discretion of your account manager and might incur a meeting room booking fee of £65 plus time spent in meeting from our team*
    *This is depending on the package and service level held with us. 
    If you do wish to discuss your media held with us, you can email your account manager to arrange a phone call at a set time. Please note, we offer 2 calls to discuss existing media twice a year, for an hour. 
    Data Reporting  & Discussing Analytics 
    As highlighted in our Analytics section of this policy, Webdrex provide automated analytical reporting* which is designed to help our clients digest Google Analytics data & highlight successes/pitfalls. This system has been carefully designed to help educate our customers and offer insight. When first setting this service up, we show our clients a report which outlines the basic principles of them. Past this initial outline, we do not offer meetings to discuss these reports.  If you wish to contact your account manager by email to discuss this, it is at their discretion to offer additional support and are by no way obligated to provide this level of service above this. Discussing analytics can be a lengthy and involving process – We may offer a meeting (phone, video or face to face) however it would be chargeable at our hourly rate plus (if a physical meeting is requested) a booking fee for meeting rooms. 
    *Analytical reporting services provisions are depending on the package and service level held with us.
    You will be made aware if your package includes such reporting.
    Support Services & Tickets
    Please raise all support enquiries through our email channel by emailing support@webdrex.co.uk from your verified email address. We will then create a ticket and respond to your enquiry as soon as we can. Please do not call our office for support needs or alterations of services as we will need a written confirmation emailed to complete any work.
    Service Enhancement & Updates
    Our websites are designed to last at least a year with little need for maintenance past alterations, theme updates and server-side needs. However, we cannot predict what the future will hold for online media/ websites and may find you would benefit from an upgraded/ improved service during your website term. We will discuss this with you, in-depth if that need ever arises and highlight all options available including if there will be any costs associated. 
    Phoning Our Offices
    Please only phone through to our offices if you wish to discuss new business or you need to speak directly with a member of our team regarding a service. We do not accept calls for support tickets* and will need a written request. 
    *Some Priority service agreements do allow for phone support. You would be made aware should you have such an agreement. 
    Third-Party Software
    As a business decision, we do not allow third-party applications or plugins to be added to our websites. This rule has been put in place to protect our customers and their respective customers. Software that alters the website information (such as IP linked phone tracking or data packages) tracks browsers visits beyond standard Google Analytics. We abide by strict data privacy rules and will not accept the need for such systems that encroach on customers data rights. 
    If your website is designed/managed by us/ and or hosted by us. We may insist on terminating your agreements with us by suggesting using another provider to offer this service. however, you will still be bound to any contractual obligations. Once your service contract is complete, you are within your rights to have this service added elsewhere. *subject to our migrations policy and other terms & conditions. 

    Payments On Agreements 

    By signing your order form, you agree to our terms and conditions below.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited offers a monthly direct debit service only for website hosting and SEO packages which is subject to set up and monthly fee’s unless specifically highlighted as to not.

    All media solutions purchased with us are subject to 2 payment methods subject to acceptance.

    1. Full payment upfront prior to work being carried out by electronic payment.
    2. Monthly Direct Debit service. This payment is subject to (i) a 50% deposit for any works carried out in advance, followed by equal monthly payments over a set and agreed term*. Currently, this is set to 4 monthly repayments and is referred to as a payment plan. Please view our payment plan notice below. 
      *All of our payment plans carry a monthly or total owed balance service fee of (currently set to) 8% this fee may be waived in certain circumstances for new customer orders. This will be discussed when initially setting up any service with us. R88 Media Solutions Limited may offer a varied payment plan extending past our standard business terms. If we accept such an agreement, we would conduct various creditworthiness checks for extended creditworthiness. This service may carry additional charges in addition to our standard business terms above.  This applies to all website & Media Packages (excluding website hosting & Monthly subscription services)

    Direct Debit Information

    R88 Media Solutions Limited will send you a link to follow and will require you to create a direct debit agreement via our third-party payment platform to collect the agreed sum over an agreed time frame – This is currently Gocardless. We may also collect this information in an agreed DDA form or via the telephone in compliance with our payment collection providers.

    Please note*
    If a direct debit payment is missed, for any service. You agree for us to recollect this sum through our automatic recharge system. You will also be charged a missed payment administration fee of £30.00 each missed payment – Unless previously authorised.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited will continue to call for the owed sum unless contacted with alternative payment means.

    Direct Debit Cancellations

    If a direct debit is cancelled without 30 days notice and alternative payment isn’t place. You will be subject to an administration fee of £30 per direct debit cancellation. If this occurs, we allow a short period of 2 business days to correct this. You will also be subject to missed payment charges in addition to this. Please note, we ask our customers to contact at least 15 days in advance if you are likely to experience payment. Failing to do so may become costly  – Once incurred -These fees will not be waived.
    We do reserve the right to collect owed balances via a third-party collections agency if R88 Media Solutions Limited cannot re-establish and collect due sums within our timescales.

    Balance Arrears

    Our service will suspend if payments fall in arrears of more than 10 days.

    Should arrears not be paid in full in a further 10 days, administration charges will be incurred and all services held with us will be halted. Please note* You will be legally bound to pay for this contract in full, regardless of time live.

    If your account does fall in arrears, we reserve the right to implement, without prior notice or consultation, any price increases that we feel are necessary.

    Investigations / Disputes

    In the unlikely event of our customers/ merchants complaining. We will investigate all issues raised and conclude with a resolution. Our customers/ merchant will need to continue to pay for this service until our investigation is finished as not doing so will incur missed payment administration charges and may breach their contract outlined in the missed payments section above.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited will inform our customers/merchant of the findings and will move forward. Once we have concluded our investigations, our verdict is final. If a customer/ merchant is not happy with our resolution we provide they will need to pursue this outside of our internal investigation process, until such a time a resolution can be agreed. You will still be expected to continue to pay the contracted balances owed until a resolution is met.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited reserve the right to collect owed balances via a third-party collections agency if we cannot re-establish a relationship & payment plan. *You will be subject to additional fees once this process begins*

    If any payment is declined, referred or contested outside our disputes policy above.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited will (i) will hold the right to enforce this money be collected via a third-party collections agency or DCA’s (ii) inform relevant bodies (such as Nominet) that services fulfilled have been refused payment. Your domain name and any online reference will be blocked until full payment is collected/ we are satisfied to release.*additional administration fees will apply*

    R88 Media Solutions Limited hold all legal rights to your online branding, domain name & all other material until we have been paid in full for all services.


    Request For Service Cancellations

    We offer our customer the right to withdraw services. Once all invoices due are settled and the account has satisfied our notice period of 90 days (existing contracts will need to advise us of any cancellation at least 90 days before renewals to avoid our auto-renewal process being initiated.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited hold the absolute right to withdraw online services immediately and suspend access to elected services until (i) The individual product exit fee is paid (ii) The owed balances are cleared in full. Once all invoices are cleared – We will grant access to these services and allow the move away from us.

    Please note, to protect our business  – We do not allow websites to be transferred away in their entirety due licenses and software that may be present. We can prepare a transferable version of your website that was held with us, however, this will incur a service charge of £99 + VAT in addition to any others charges due. Please refer to our payments section above.

    This right extends us the right to remove any and all links to your domain names held with us, remove email accounts associated with it and third party media linked to it.
    Failure to pay off owed balances to us within what we deem as fair timescales may result in R88 Media Solutions Limited auctioning your domain off to raise monies owed on the account (typically we expect all balances due on cancellations to be paid off before the move away with exceptional cases being allowed up to 30 days) regardless of domain ownership as this would be linked to a live contract and form part of your agreement to us.

    Please note: Additional service exit fees apply for Social Media (providing we created these accounts), Google, BING & Yahoo mapping and review accounts (providing we created these accounts or have management of) domain transfer fees (providing we registered these names) and image usage fees.
    Charges will vary, please consult our support services for exact costings of these.

     All copy, content,  imagery & all digital media remains our property until we are satisfied that services are paid for.

    By using our services, you agree to these terms.


    Whilst we work closely with third-party companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook –  We act as an independent company with no formal affiliations other than a reseller of such services, If you fail to clear owed balances to them, these businesses will pursue you for the owed sums, aided by us.

    Videography Media including Image collection, Motion and Animation 

    (These terms refer to our services typically within our website design packages, not bespoke Media orders)

    Please note, if your package order does not specify these inclusions, you will not eligible for the include services, however, these can be arranged at additional costs.

    *Media is defined as images, footage, motion or animations.

    Limitations of collected media for the purpose of website imagery – Excluding product images (which we do not provide unless explicitly outlined in our agreements)

    Still Images: 20 *Should more images be required additional fees will apply*
    Video Media: (including all collection mediums) no more than 2 minutes of combined footage once edited.

    Limitations of media collection:

    Photoshoots – We allow up to 30 minutes per shoot, per 20 images per client order. Additional time can be booked with additional fees.

    Video – We allow up to 30 minutes of footage collection per client order. Additional time can be booked with additional fees.

    Editing & Production – We allow up to 1 hour of production/editing combined for images & footage. Additional time can be booked with additional fees.

    Our video & image services are produced using our cameras, drones and other equipment of such use.

    Media Usage
    We collect Media such as this for our client’s websites held with us – To highlight a specific service or area of their business.

    Service Exclusions
    We do not offer *unless explicitly mentioned* a full video collection and production service with amendments as part of our services.
    When producing videos for clients, we will ask for a set goal/outline/purpose for the media to highlight (such as services). We will then use this outline to collect and compile the necessary media.

    Once we have this goal/outline/purpose, along with the media. Our team will complete the order to the specification set out as above.

    Service Inclusions 
    Once completed, we will offer clients a basic edit service whereby they can trim, animate or edit specific clips once. 

    Completed Projects
    We will finish all media to our best understanding of the service needs outlined in our project brief. If clients wish to have amendments past basic edits, we reserve the absolute right (i) decline the request completely (ii) agree but inform of the additional charges it will incur (iii) At an additional cost – Provide the clients with raw footage to edit themselves.

    We complete our media services to our standards, not to clients expectations. This means once we deem a project finished, if a client wishes to edit or change it in any way, they will be subject to additional fee’s.

    Our team will only collect media in a safe environment for both us and our equipment. If we feel it either inappropriate or unsafe to collect certain media, we will decline & the client will be asked to supply said media themselves. This is non-negotiable. 

    Typically, we will include travel to clients offices into our prices, however, if a client requests multiple locations, over distances. We may setout a cost for travel arrangement in addition to the above terms. 

    We hold sole ownership (Copywrite) of all produced media, however, whilst a client is using our services, we will allow usage. 

    By using this service, you understand the potential limitations and accept all of our terms and conditions.

    Accounts Agreements

    New accounts – New build project/ New customer accounts.

    Once any work has started on your service with us, i.e website building, payment to third parties or management of third-party services with R88 Media Solutions Limited, there will be no refunds of monies paid or money owed on this contract. You will be legally bound to pay in full the total contract price, regardless if you wish to terminate before the completion of your account services i.e website creation, social media services, third parties and (if not elected out of) auto-renewal services.

    If you wish to terminate your contract with us prior to its completion date, you will be charged the full amount stated in your contract total, you will be liable for the total signed term, regardless of times spent in the contract.

    Existing Customer Accounts

    To cancel/ terminate your existing service (i) After the initial build & creation costs have been paid with R88 Media Solutions Limited (ii) you must give at least a 90-day notice in writing (this can be via a verified email account) (iii) you are within the notice period to cancel auto-renewals (if opted in for) (iv) your account is not in arrears.

    Please Note: We do not issue refunds for any work already carried out, i.e. website creations or third media services.

    By signing your order form in person, digitally or accepting terms to proceed via email, you agree to our terms and conditions on any website project. All contracts signed or terms accepted electronically on your premises are not bound by the UK distance selling regulations.

    *Image usage – If you wish to use the images we have taken as part of your project, regardless of source, you must gain explicit written consent to do so. We have the right to begin legal proceedings against unauthorised image use. This includes the use of stock images purchased on behalf of your website project due to licencing.

    Please note all copy, content,  imagery & all digital media remains our property until we are satisfied that services are paid for.

    Hosting Services & Conditions

    Our Website Hosting service is designed to offer our clients convenience. Our Hosting is simply defined by R88Media providing a temporary space on a/our servers in which you can load your website to the public domain. All software we use to hold your website (such as Cpanel) are licenced property to us. If you decide to move website hosting to another provider, note that it is solely your responsibility to ensure the setup is correct. Most host providers will offer assistance on this matter.

    Domain & Website Hosting

    R88 Media Solutions Limited offer monthly rolling, 12 month hosting contracts. By signing your order form or accepting terms to proceed via email, you agree to be bound by this 12 month period with a further 30 days notice prior to termination once the initial term has expired.

    Our hosting charges may be subject to change in price. These charge increases are in line with our charging from our hosting providers. We will inform our merchants of this in advance by 30 days allowing notice for clients out of a contract to consider.

    Email services through R88 Media Solutions Limited.

    We offer our customers the opportunity to bring their businesses email names to us by way of internal WEBMAIL or EXCHANGE mailboxes.

    WEBMAIL  – To proceed with our webmail service we would need evidence of (i) mailbox size as to not exceed our service limits per mailbox  (ii) Are not expected to provide managed set up for this service of devices outside of our online webmail portal. Support for this can be provided, however it is a chargeable service. If you wish to move your mailbox away from our services, note that we are unable to support the migration of mailboxes to another provider and will not allow third-parties to access our servers. Migration away can only be completed by manually downloading your mailbox to your PC/ device and re-uploading these elsewhere.

    We do not accept responsibility for possible lost emails or contacts when transferring services to us. We advise all customers to back their mailboxes up before allowing access to migrate them

    EXCHANGE – This is a paid-for service* with agreed setup and limitations (above)  much the same as our webmail solution, however, you will also be in contact with Microsoft for monthly charges and will be bound by their terms of service (such as usage & spamming)

    We can provide email services for our customers, however, we take no legal or formal responsibility for these accounts in any way. If your email account is hacked please contact our support team who will look to help manage/fix/ and or resolve the issue (please note this is a chargeable service)  If we find you have been using your email account form crime or any inappropriate circumstances, we will immediately terminate your account and pass information on to relevant authoritative bodies.

    Domain Names & Domain Transfers

    R88 Media Solutions Limited, offer our customers the opportunity to bring their businesses domain names to us via IPSTAG transfers, pointing or DNS. Whilst we work with our customers closely we cannot always guarantee the transfer of your domain name is going to be successful (this includes delays)

    Whilst we work with our customers closely we cannot always guarantee the transfer of your domain name is going to be successful (this includes a delay) and may impact on your websites email facilities. R88 Media Solutions Limited takes no responsibility if we cannot transfer your email name to us. Where possible, we will provide a new domain name to use on a temporary/ permanent basis.

    Domain names provided by R88 Media Solutions Limited will be legally owned by R88 Media Solutions Limited which can be transferred to customers when (i) all due invoices are settled (ii) the account is clear of arrears (iii) the domain is purchased from us by the customer. R88 Media Solutions Limited offer voluntary support & management in transferring a domain name. This service can be withdrawn should be encounter significant issues, we will inform our merchants of this in advance.

    We can provide external email services via our third-party companies, however, this will include a cost. R88 Media Solutions Limited take no legal or formal responsibility for these accounts.

    Change of business owner/ directorship and/or other.
    By signing your order form or accepting terms to proceed via email you (i) agree your brand be linked with R88 Media Solutions Limited for the minimum contracted time. Any outstanding orders you hold will be part of the company ‘sale’ and will be sold to the new owners as outstanding liabilities.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited is not responsible for ensuring this is discussed at point of business sale – (ii) you/ your brand will be subject to Nominet, Google and all third party media’s terms and conditions. By signing your order form or accepting terms to proceed via email, will bind your brand name to complete full payment of any outstanding balance.


    Domains – Existing/ Established Domain names

    Once your website is live, any actions to domain name (i) domain movement defined by transferring or replacing your website will be breaching your contract with us, unless specified & agreed prior to movement. If circumstances arose that a domain name was moved without consent, R88 Media Solutions Limited will contact NOMINET (UK domains) and will raise a domain ownership challenge due to your agreement with us. We will pass all costs involved to you/your business and will also incur an administration cost to rectify the outstanding issue.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited does not take automatic ownership of our merchants existing domain names, we require these to be transferred or DNS changed to our servers for your businesses website service to go live and will thus be included in your agreement held with us.

    You/ Your business will agree/ agreed to allow R88 Media Solutions Limited to have legal authority over your domain name until your contract is (i) fully paid for the agreed contract length, minimum 12-month agreement. (ii) Terminated & released with our sanction.

    By agreeing to our services, you accept these terms and conditions.

    Domains – New Domain names

    R88 Media Solutions Limited offers a complete domain purchase, management and hosting service for all merchants.* fee applies.

    We will purchase this domain on your behalf, placing ownership to you/your business. You/your business agree that until your contract has ended with our services, we have the authority to manage this domain to satisfy our needs as well as your businesses.

    Once your website is live, any actions to domain name (i) domain movement defined by transferring or replacing your website will be breaching your contract with us, unless specified & agreed prior to movement. If circumstances arose that a domain name was moved without consent, R88 Media Solutions Limited will contact NOMINET (UK domains) and will raise a domain ownership challenge due to your agreement with R88 Media Solutions Limited. We will pass all costs involved to you/your business and will also incur and administration cost to rectify the outstanding issue.

    You/Your business will agree/ agreed to allow R88 Media Solutions Limited to have legal authority over your domain name until your contract is (i) fully paid for the agreed contract length, minimum 12-month agreement. (ii) Terminated & released with our sanction.

    By agreeing to our services, you accept these terms and conditions.

    Domain Names – INBOUND transfers.

    We take no responsibility if we cannot transfer your domain name to your new website.
    Where possible, we will provide a new domain name to use on a temporary/ permanent basis. Domain names provided by R88 Media Solutions Limited will be legally owned by R88 Media Solutions Limited. R88 Media Solutions Limited will not compensate for the loss of earnings, delays or issues involved in transferring a domain name to our servers.
    We offer voluntary management as a supporting measure in transferring a domain name. This service can be withdrawn should be encounter significant issues, we will inform our merchants of this in advance.

    Domain Names – OUTBOUND transfers

    R88 Media Solutions Limited offer our customers the opportunity to take their businesses domain names away providing there is not due balances of contracted services due. We will release the domain for the new provider to collect and re-setup. We take no responsibility for this process. R88 Media Solutions Limited will not compensate for the loss of earnings, delays or issues involved with this process in any way.

    Domain Names – Non-payment of account

    By signing your order form or accepting terms to proceed via email, you agree to our terms and conditions below.
    R88 Media Solutions Limited hold legal right over your business domain, regardless of true ownership until we have satisfied our accounts and billing. We will then release this domain for a third party to collect. By progressing with our services you accept these terms.

    Any domains purchased by R88 Media Solutions Limited will remain our property unless formally stated or purchased off us.

    If any outstanding invoices are over 5 days, we will automatically suspend all services and notify you of this. Services will resume when your account is then settled, please note this will include WEBMAIL accesses.


    Website Ownership, Migrations & Copyright
    It is of the highest importance our customers fully understand this policy before proceeding with any of our services.

    We understand that circumstances change – Do you plan to self-host or migrate your services with us to another provider.
    This section highlights our migration services and how to correctly proceed with this.

    1. Please email our support team with your notice to exit (support@r88media.com) from your registered business email held with us, along with your account number. We will respond with the next steps.
    2. You will need to settle any outstanding balances due on your account (if moving within an agreement, this will need to be settled in full prior to acceptance)
    3. We will contact you within 7 days of the request to first verify the validity of the request (Software Hijack protection) and then provide you with the required source material along with any guides we may offer to assist with setting up elsewhere.
    4. We will require evidence/verification of new licenses taken and services along with access to view a ‘pre-live‘ version as noted below before closing the migration case of any service.

    Website Migrations
    We offer our clients the right to migrate the content of their websites and basic CMS to another provider, however, this does not include any content created by us, any images we have supplied/used (licencing rights) and any software used within our services/websites (such as website themes, templates, plugins, bespoke CSS and tracking systems) *Any content and imagery that is supplied to us directly by our clients is owned by our clients and will not require any permissions.  

    In circumstances whereby clients look to terminate some/ all services with us and intend on moving services/ websites to other providers. We will supply them with a catalogued document of content, page designs and software references which will outline themes (if third-party), plugins and stock image reference numbers (along with platforms) for them to take action and purchase their own licence keys to legally use such materials. Any attempts to clone or migrate our work will be seen as Copyright infringement, plagiarism and software hijacking which will be met with immediate legal action.

    The Move Maker Service  
    R88 Media do offer our clients a managed migration service.
    This service will have our team provide you with the information needed to create your own account with your new provider/ CMS database. along with the relevant software information for you to purchase licences in your own name. Once these are purchased, our team will help to migrate the service/website onto your new platform and ensure that the website is up and running without issue. We also check that references to our licenses are removed. This service is set at a £99 + VAT fee.

    Self Managed Migration
    If you plan on migrating your website away to another provider yourself or by requesting a third party to do so. You must email our support team with a formal notification request at least 30 days in advance (providing your contract with us is not in force). You will also need to follow steps 1-4 as above. This process is put in place to ensure (i) Our data and licences are protected (ii) Allow time for accounts to be settled (iii) Allow our team to remove any software and licences linking to our services.
    We typically do not provide clients access their raw data (CMS, DB, Cpanels or install files) unless specifically requested. Advanced users can have this access, however, permissions are granted only by explicit acceptance to this policy.

    Before our team can accept any agreement on account closures/website migrations we will need to satisfy the following (i) Licence evidence- If you intend to move an existing website or service with us and launch the same or similar to another provider / use the same platform, theme and plugins as designed by our team, we will need clear evidence of any such licences you will need. Failure to provide this evidence will result in our team making efforts to ensure our data is protected along with notifying relevant parties of any software held without legal ownership to do so. (ii) Visuals – We will expect to view the pre-live version of this service/ website before it is set live to ensure it is not using images/ copy that is not owned or licenced by us.

    Any attempt at accessing Cpanels or DB files without consent will be in breach of this policy and will carry financial and legal ramifications.

    By using our services in any way, you agree to accept and agree to be bound by these terms.  If we find/are made aware of an unauthorised migration by any means we will see this as a direct violation of this policy and will take action which will include (i) Financial costs to the client, covering time spent investigating. (ii) A £1,000 charge for breaching this agreement. (iii)  Halting or withdrawing of any services still held with us (including domain names and emails). (iiii) We will also pursue legal action against Copyright infringement, plagiarism and software hijacking and will inform relevant parties of potential unlawful use of the software. *Copyright infringement, plagiarism and software hijacking is treated as a serious crime and may result in clients and their respective business being individually pursued.

    Other Service Migrations
    Much like our website migration policy – Other services (such as Webmasters, SERPS, GeoTracking, Tracking Graphs, Google Ads, Analytics, Graphics, Images) will require our clients to follow the three-step process as above. Our team will then instruct you as to how best migrate these services, along with providing references for licencing. We can offer either a managed migration service for you (at a small fee) or provide you with all the necessary information to self migrate as noted at the beginning of this policy.

    Our business is here to help support our clients in any lawful way. Taking software without licencing will not be accepted under any circumstances. Please follow this policy process correctly and as described.

    Database Migrations 

    When looking to migrate existing databases over to your services with us. We factor in a set time for our team to dig, pull and re-upload your existing database with us. Whilst we have accounted for many issues it is impossible to guarantee a complete and successful migration within the agreed costs and timescales.
    In the unlikely event of our team encountering significant issues or limitations above what is expected during these processes. We could find the need a request additional time spent by our team, which may incur an additional cost which will be invoiced at our hourly rate* We will discuss any fee’s such as this before continuing. 

    It is also important to recognise that in rare circumstances, we may be unable to import a database at all. We rely on our clients providing accurate information at the point of agreement. If we find the database migration information provided is inaccurate or that the database is tied, faulty or generally non-transferable. You will be still expected to settle our costs for time spent, regardless of any progression of services with us beyond that point. Depending on the services held, you will still be tied to honour any and all other agreements unless specifically highlighted otherwise in your agreement. Please note that whilst this is incredibly rare, it is important to understand this before accepting our terms.

    *Hourly rate will be calculated on our rate at the time.

    Software Licensing (Websites) 

    When our team quotes for services, we do not include licencing for third party software under any circumstances. When building a new website, we will likely include the initial or first-year charge within the build cost for the first year. Please note that we will not pay for any listing, even if included with your initial agreement past your contract first-year anniversary.

    In many instances, we do include theme licences (if they are owned by us) – Plugins, Migration tools, shopping modules, themes payment gateway linking costs are all costs that we will pass to our clients.  You are by no means obligated to pay these, however, we would not be expected to remedy any such issues it may present to your services because of these, in contract term or otherwise. 

    Software Licensing (Analytical & Other) 

    Much the same as our Software Licensing for website services. We do not provide any ongoing costs licences for any services unless explicitly agreed. There is one exception to this –  You are in a live contract specifically for Analytical software with us (SERPS, SERANKING, WHATAGRAPH & Reverse Proxy) as you will be paying for this access in your monthly subscription to us. 

    Typically we include some Analytical services free within your initial package. Please note that once you have finished your first year with us, we may contact you with the notification of intention to charge or cancel Analytical / tracking services as above. If our team does contact you, we will offer you clear, advanced notice (of 30 days) the choice to continue or cancel this service.  If you do not respond, we will assume it is a service you still wish to continue with and thus enter into a like for like chargeable reporting agreement*

    *Agreement costs are subject to services held already and will be invoiced as if they are an accepted order (such as our above services outlined).


    Paid Media Services. We may refer to Paid Media Services under the below names – All of these refer to our 
    SMS (Search Market Service)

    • R88 Media PPC Service
    • R88Media SMS Service
    • PPC
    • Service title names such as Google Ads PPC, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other such providers.

    Our R88Media SMS service is a complete service provided by us whereby we set up a pay per click solution to increase prominence for your business through search engine providers (or specified platforms) these include but are not limited to Google Adwords, Google Display, Programmatic, Yahoo, BING & All Social Media Advertising mediums.

    please note: The contracted monthly budget spend in agreements does not relate to actual spends used online for your campaign for advertising, but covers the whole cost to your business for this service provided by us, which includes monthly service fees. The Actual online spend for your business will vary throughout the month and over the campaign depending on campaign success and internal factors.

    Our service fees for this service can also change depending on internal factors and campaign successes – It does not have a specified percentage amount or limit.
    We reserve the right to change or adjust our service fees, platform fees, online reporting fees, or any other costs within our SMs service fee at our discretion as we see fit throughout the time live with our services, without the requirement to inform our clients.

    Our agreements for using Advertising Platforms through us.

    Acceptance point 1. Set contract term – This means that we have agreed on a set fee investment to us for the use of products and services respectively. You are bound to the term agreed when beginning this service, typically this is a year. If you wish to change or cancel these agreements – You will be bound to the full initially agreed term & cost.

    Acceptance point 2. Monthly fee rolling 60 days. This service is to back on after your initial contract term has ended. Our clients must provide 60 days written notice prior to the anniversary of the monthly renewal to end this agreement. If this lands in-between renewals – You will be due to the remaining month’s balance and 60 days from renewal.

    Acceptance point 3. Our systems link your advertising to our MCC account which we do not provide any access to. To help our customers understand successes and complex analytical reporting, we provide a service whereby we link these accounts to our Analytical Reporting System via (where relevant) SERANKING, WHATAGRAPH, SERPS, A1LEAD FORENSICS) which provides your advertising services raw data to be transferred into a digestible report for all services held highlighting points as needed.  This report in unaltered in any way and will show the exact basic data as you would expect to see using the platform access directly

    Please note, by using our Services, you accept all these terms.


    SEO Plans & Search Ranking

    Our SEO services work off a longer agreement, this is due to the complexities of the tasks undertaken.
    Our SEO agreements work off either 180 day or full-year renewals. Once agreed and work has begun, the client is bound to the full agreed term. If they wish to terminate earlier than the agreed term, the client will be liable to clear the full balance owed to the anniversary of this agreement * and by providing 90 days notice to terminate.

    Clients Analytics 

    Our systems link your advertising reporting platforms to our managed control account. We do not provide customer or third party any access to this, regardless of the ownership and website it is linked to. To help our customers understand successes and complex analytical reporting, we provide a service whereby we link these accounts to our Analytical Reporting System via (where relevant) SERANKING, WHATAGRAPH, SERPS, A1LEAD FORENSICS) which provides all advertising services raw data to be transferred into a digestible report for all services held highlighting points as needed.  This report in unaltered in any way and will show the exact basic data as you would expect to see using the platform access directly.

    If a customer wished to allow third party access to their analytical reports, we can offer them to be sent your reports. However, under no circumstances do we allow third parties or customers access or any management control to Google Webmasters, Analytics, Google Ads account or similar products, whilst we manage these. This decision has been made to protect ours and our customer’s data. If you do not wish to have this access removed and allow our team to take control. Please note we will not be able to provide any marketing services.  Once our services are live, we cannot switch access levels to allow others control.

    Please note, by using our services, you accept these terms.


    R88 Media Solutions Limited website creations process (current 2019 onwards process)

    R88 Media Solutions Limited will create a version of your website which fits the instructions provided for aesthetics and general content.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited is not responsible for any your website’s content, nor are we liable if the information, spelling or grammar provided is incorrect. We will always inform our customers to check their own website content as soon as it is set ‘live’. It is always the customer’s responsibility to check prices, grammar spelling, links, contact forms,  images and everything in between to ensure your business is correctly illustrated online.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited will email our customer/ merchants a copy or ‘proof’ of this website to read, change and correct any errors. Whilst we will endeavour to provide accurate and correct information and literature, we ask our customers/merchants to check this is sufficient to set the website ‘live’. If this correspondence is not replied to, we take an assumptive position that our merchant is happy to proceed in setting this product live. Our sales staff will also contact merchants via phone/ face to face to go through this product after its launch.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited’s customers are responsible for all information, imagery and content unless we formally agree to provide this in writing. If errors are found /changes are required, we request our merchants to inform us prior to the launch of any new website. If these issues arise after we launch the new website, we will, of course, change it fee-free, but will not be held liable for any issues pertaining to the incorrect information that may be incorrect. We are also not responsible for any information otherwise within any of your adverting and or services held or managed by us.


    Overall Acceptances 

    We can not offer guarantees of returns on investment or advertising and do not offer any refunds against advertising campaigns or any advertising created by or managed through us. R88 Media Solutions Limited we will do our absolute best to help our client’s, however, we do not compensate for any loss of earnings whatsoever, regardless of circumstances, faulty parties.

    Our agreements are business to business, which means we do not offer cooling-off periods. Once our team beings work on your service, you will be bound to the full contracted term.

    We reserve the right to terminate your agreement with us if (i) you do not pay your bill within the timescales agreed in your contract/ agreement. Standard payment terms are 14 business days from signup (in full unless you are placed on a payment plan) (ii) if you do not supply the necessary content for our business to proceed– Such as photographs or copy for website content (as required)  you/ your business will still be liable for the total agreed & contracted sum regardless of supplied information or project progression from you. Once our team beings work on your service, you will be bound to the full term, even if this falls within the 14 days.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited have complete ownership of and/ all website products & services we design & manage. By using our services you agree to sign over your business domain name to R88 Media Solutions Limited.

    Our Agreement Termination Rights – We reserve the right to terminate any client’s agreements at any point. This can be for any number of reasons (examples; abuse to our team, non-payment, undertaking in illegal activities) If we choose to end an agreement you may find you are still liable for any due sums for work completed. If an agreement is paid for over Direct Debit instalments, you will still need to clear balances in full as part of your contractual terms, You will only be liable to pay for received services (such as a website order designed for but paid for on monthly instalments) If we need to exercise this right, we will not expect you to provide notice on hosting. We will provide you with written /email notice if this action has been chosen.  

    *Order Queues 

    Please note that placing an order with us but delaying progress through lack of communication or otherwise may result in a delay to progress when you so choose to pick up the ordered service. We plan careful time frames for projects and if these are overrun through factors outside our control, you may find your service order is then queued in service past existing live orders, regardless of payment or signup. You will still be bound to our agreement terms stated in our terms and conditions policy.


    Overall Notices

    • We retain Copywrite of all materials used in all projects.
    • Once works have begun, we do not offer refunds of deposits and services.
    • We do not compensate for any alleged loss of earning.
    • Whilst we will always do our best, we cannot guarantee any successful results of any services provided.
    • Project production Line: All services provided are given a set timeframe form start to finish. Clients response time delays will result in your project being delayed.  As each website/media service is individual for our client’s needs – If a project is held up through client delays, we will need a clear 14 working days to notice before recommencing the project. At our busier times of the year, this could extend to 21 working days.
    • These terms and conditions can be amended at any time, without prior notice.

    Disclosure for legal reasons

    Please be aware that in certain circumstances, it is possible that personal information may be subject to disclosure pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants, or orders.

    Changes to This Policy

    We may amend this policy from time to time. If we make substantial changes to the way we handle personally identifiable information associated with this site, we will post an announcement on this website.

    Governing Law

    This privacy policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. You agree to submit any dispute arising out of your use of this Website to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

    Data Protection

    R88 Media Solutions Limited acknowledges the duty of responsibility this places upon us and our privacy policy is designed to provide you with the reassurances you require to be entirely satisfied that we will conduct the use and storage of your personal information in an entirely fit and proper manner. R88 Media Solutions Limited abides by the notification requirements of the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998.

    Notification under the Data Protection Act 1998 is now a statutory requirement and replaces the previous requirement for registration under the Data Protection Act 1984.

    The Data Protection Act 1998 places obligations on data controllers in order to satisfy this principle

    Access to View, Edit & Delete Personal Information

    You may request to view, edit or delete any personally identifiable information that R88 Media Solutions Limited holds on you.

    If you wish to have your information deleted then we will remove any personally identifiable tags from your information and we may archive it for statistical use.

    Upon receipt of your written request, we will disclose to you the Personal Data we hold about you or a description of that data.

    Requests to delete Personal Data are subject to any applicable legal and ethical reporting or other obligations imposed on R88 Media Solutions.

    Information Sharing

    R88 Media Solutions Limited will not sell, pass or rent personally identifiable information to third parties.

    We will only share personally identifiable information with third party companies that work on behalf or in conjunction with R88 Media Solutions, to provide a service which you have requested.

    R88 Media Solutions Limited will not supply your personal data to a third party for commercial exploitation such as direct marketing, email or text message spamming.

    Questions or Comments

    If you have any further questions, or would like to comment on this privacy policy, or any aspect of the R88 Media Solutions Limited website, please send an email to support@r88media.com

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