In the ever-changing world of digital media. Platforms (like WordPress, Drupal, Shopify) have prebuilt resizing tools to (effectively) eliminate the need for you to crop pictures to get the ‘perfect fit.

The only issue with this new fancy software is the upload process. Whilst cropping software is great, there are only a handful of website auto compression tools that ensure the image you bring up is not going to blitz the loading times.

R88 Media appreciate that many of our clients like ‘ self-manage’ our created websites by adding products, blogs, news and general updates. If done incorrectly, uploading (correctly cropped)  a high-resolution image could dramatically increase website loading times by seconds (which is bad!)  directly impact your search rank position on search engines.

Our advice?



We run all images through a wonderful website-based tool called Bulk Resize Photos – This slick tool makes cropping, compressing and lossless reductions a breeze. The editor can let you ‘resize’ the image size to 99.99% but still reduce the file size to mere Kb’s from Mb’s. We suggest aiming for an image under or on 100Kbs for a header and 60Kb’s for posts. Following this will ensure the website is super quick to load and means search engines will love you!


Much like images, video uploading can be very damaging to speeds and search engine results.
The best way of adding your wonderful footage to your website is to (i) use a free service (such as youtube) who compress the video with their software and link it into your page. (ii) You can use a wonderful service like Clipchamp which allows you to choose the media base (like a website version)  it’ll compress the file from 5k to 420p (if needed!) and any size in between! We’ve found it to be a fantastic free tool!