Whether you’re a new business or an established company, we have a package to suit you. R88 Media Pro websites mean that everything’s covered. Our expert design team will work together to make your business look the best it can online.

Whilst building your site we’ll make sure that it’s built specifically to attract potential customers through search engines and once more you won’t have to worry about your site being mobile or tablet friendly because at R88 Media that’s covered in the price you pay. Even after your site is complete we will update it when needed and that’s free too.

At R88 Media we work to save you money, that’s why we offer all of the services below as standard. All website packages include; Comprehensive Website Design, Domain Name Purchase & Hosting, Social Media Accounts Creation, Google, BING, Yahoo Mapping Service, Effective & Accurate SEO Tagging & Analytical Reporting.

A Changing World 


In todays world, aesthetics contribute a huge amount towards a successful project. We don’t mean how fancy it is, but more about the relevancy of your service to the user. Too often searchers can get ‘switched off’ or ‘bogged down’ with over complicated, glossy websites that ‘ironically‘ detract from the original selling point.

When R88 Media work on a project we use bespoke software that allows us to assess industry relevant websites, in order to identify what they do well and how visually engaged their customers are/can be. This extra work, along with BIG DATA analysis means we hit the ‘nail on the head’ first time. This will offer your ideal customers the perfect visual experience for their needs and expectations.

Do you have time and/or patience to sift through ‘fluffy websites’ that deliver their message in a round-about, confusing way? The likelihood is that you don’t and (given you have 3 seconds to gain and retain interest on a website) that you could probably share many poor experiences of websites that do this. R88 Media ensure that we are delivering your businesses message in a clear, effective and creative way.


R88 Media understand how important it is to ensure your name is visible to your ideal customers. Our optimisation service goes far beyond tagging and content updating. All of our website services are built on a solid core foundation that help future proof your business against algorithmic changes over the coming years.


Todays society is becoming less patient, this isn’t necessarily a negative but simply that people know what to expect from good experiences. Why do some websites take an age to load whilst others do not?

This is commonly down to 2 factors:

  1. Server speed
  2. Website build issues,  page build, content imagery and pagination.

At R88 Media our websites are built on our own servers which are industry leading in both their speed and security. We also make it a priority to ensure that all of our content is condensed, images compressed and code cleaned before any website goes live.


A CMS is a content management system that acts as middleware between the database and the user through the browser. Offering functionality such as user accounts, pulling order history, uploading documents to your account and much more.


Like all databases, CMS systems collect information. This data can be used for highly targeted marketing campaigns, allowing your business to offer the right product to interested parties who have purchased or have shown an interest in similar items.
It is both cost saving and highly effective in providing an effective ROI.

R88 Media - Website Designers Hereford
R88 Media
R88 Media - Website Designers Hereford
R88 Media - Website Designers Hereford
R88 Media - Website Designers Hereford
R88 Media Hereford Website Design
R88 Media - Website Designers Hereford


Here is a small selection of some fun projects we have been working on these past weeks. Check back soon for more.


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